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We are one of the leading Software Developer, Network infrastructure Builder and BPO organizations that envisioned and instigated the adoption of flexible business practices that enabled our client companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value today. We are SperoTech, established in 2006.

Customized Operation Panel

It’s allows creating multi level user operation panel for Doctor’s assistants to record the patient medical history before consultancy.

Centralized Data

Physician can use it from multi location under a centralized database that can conveniently make patients consolidate medical analysis.

Medication Guidance

Provide guidance regarding medicine side effect, normal use instruction, caution, specialty wise general observation.

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Online Patient History

ePrescription features the industry’s most complete electronic patient medical history data feed. It is designed to present a patient’s lifetime medical history in a matter of seconds. Seamless data transfer keeps patient’s online medical history accurate, integrated and up-to-date.

Create ePrescription

With some clicks you can create an error free, accurate and understandable prescription for your patient which is complied with government’s present rules. It’s also reducing the risk association with traditional prescription script writing.

ePrescription Print

Our software allows you to easily print prescription with a variety of formatting options, depending on your specific requirements.

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